1990 in rock 


Pictures of You The Cure

Soon My Bloody Valentine

Heaven or Las Vegas (song) Cocteau Twins

Holy Wars...The Punishment Due Megadeth

Here's Where the Story Ends The Sundays

The Only One I Know The Charlatans

Shine On (The House of Love song) The House of Love

Velouria Pixies

The Weeping Song Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Cuts You Up Peter Murphy

Heavenly Pop Hit The Chills

Sliver Nirvana

Only Love Can Break Your Heart Saint Etienne

Amoeba Adolescents

Kool Thing Sonic Youth

Man in the Box Alice in Chains

Iceblink Luck Cocteau Twins

Streetfight Skrewdriver

The Showdown Skrewdriver

You're So Dumb Skrewdriver


Rust in Peace Megadeth

Painkiller (Judas Priest album) Judas Priest

Seasons in the Abyss Slayer

Heaven or Las Vegas Cocteau Twins

Repeater (album) Fugazi

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