Black ice is the 15th international album by AC/DC and was released in 2008, leaving a 8 year songwriting break from their last album Stiff Upper Lip (2000).

Song ListEdit

01) Rock 'N Roll Train

02) Skies on Fire

03) Big Jack

04) Anything Goes

05) War Machine

06) Smash 'N Grab

07) Spoilin' For a Fight

08) Wheels

09) Decibel

10) Stormy May Day

11) She Likes Rock 'N Roll

12) Money Made

13) Rock 'N Roll Dream

14) Rocking All the Way

15) Black Ice

AC/DC Members Performing On Black IceEdit

Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals

Angus Young - Lead Guitar

Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals

Cliff Williams - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Phil Rudd - Drums and Percussion

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