Disclaimer II is the second album released by the band Seether. This disc is a recompilation of the band's first album, Disclaimer, from 2002. Although the 12 tracks from the original album are present, they have been slightly remixed and differ from the original. Also, the majority of the remixed tracks feature additional lead guitar melodies with the addition of a permanent lead guitarist to the band's line-up prior to the release of the album. In Europe, the album includes four tracks more than its predecessor; in the United States, the album has eight extra tracks. In both releases, one of the featured tracks is a new version of the song "Broken." Amy Lee, the lead singer from Evanescence, joins Seether vocalist Shaun Morgan in a duet performance on this track, which was previously featured on the soundtrack to the 2004 film The Punisher. It is the band's most successful album commercially. The album is certified Platinum Worldwide, going Gold in the US and Canada.

Song listEdit

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