Genesis is a rock band formed in England in 1967. They rose to popularity in the early seventies as a progressive rock band. They were known from 1967-1975 as a progressive rock/art rock band with the band being led by Peter Gabriel. The 'super line-up' consisted of Peter Gabriel on vocals, Phil Collins on drums, Steve Hackett on guitar, Tony Banks on keyboard/synthesizer/Mellotron, and Mike Rutherford on bass. They were known for their rambunctous concerts that starred frontman Peter Gabriel in costumes that fit the current song. Such as a flower for Willow Farm (Supper's Ready), batwings for Watcher Of The Skies, and Britannia for Dancing With The Moonlit Knight. Although they remained a steady progressive rock band until Steve Hackett's departure in 1977, Phil Collins took over the band and pushed it into a pop/rock group. Their first album after Hackett's departure was the 1978 album "And Then There Were Three."


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