Biography Edit

Baz is the percussionist of Punk band All We Have. He taught himself to play the drums at an early age and soon he was ready to take on the world as the drummer of All We Have.

Playing StyleEdit

Most of Baz's drum beats are played in simple 4/4 time which represents the playing style of Greenday's Tre Cool. He also plays frequent drum solo's at concerts.


Baz's biggest influence is Slipknot's Joey Jordison. This is shown through his fast aggressive drum solo's and his behaviour on stage.

Drum SetupEdit

Drum KitEdit

  • Pearl Vision VBX
  • Full Birch Shell
  • 10" Tom
  • 12" Tom
  • 14" Tom
  • 16" Floor Tom
  • Pearl Snare


  • Zildjian ZXT
  • 14" Solid Hi-Hats
  • 16" Medium Thin Crash
  • 18" Medium Thin Crash
  • 20" Medium Ride

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