Human Clay is an album by the former American rock band Creed. Human Clay was realesed on September 28, 1999. The album has four singles including "Higher", "With Arms Wide Open", "What If", and "Are You Ready?". The record label is Wind-Up Records. Mark Tremonti, the lead guitarist for Creed, says the cover for Human Clay represents a crossroad which every human finds himself in his life and the man of clay represented our actions, that what we are is up to us, that we lead our own path and make our own destiny. The artwork for was rated a tie with Creed's next album, Weathered, as the "worst album cover(s) in the first hundred years of recorded music" by review site Drop the Anvil. Human Clay is the last Creed album to feature Brian Marshall.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Are You Ready?"
  2. "What If"
  3. "Beautiful"
  4. "Say I"
  5. "Wrong Way"
  6. "Faceless Man"
  7. "Never Die"
  8. "With Arms Wide Open"
  9. "Higher"
  10. "Wash Away Those Years"
  11. "Inside Us All"

Hidden TracksEdit

Some editions of Human Clay include a hidden track version of "With Arms Wide Open" with additional string and hi-hat accompaniment and slightly different vocals. Some imported editions of this album include bonus track "Young Grow Old". Another edition of Human Clay includes 2 CDs, the first CD containing only the 11 tracks listed above. The second disc in this edition features the B-sides "To Whom It May Concern" and "Is This The End", a live version of The Doors song "Roadhouse Blues" and an acoustic version of "With Arms Wide Open" and "What's This Life For".

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