Kyle Carver is the lead guitarist of punk band All We Have. He was born in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. He was brought up into a family heavily oriented by music. His father still plays to this day in classic rock band Twist Of Fate. Kyle first began playing guitar at the age of 11 upon recieving a guitar for his birthday.
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Playing StyleEdit

Kyle's playing style heavily resembles that of Billie Joe Armstrong with his simple but effective riffs. His guitar solo's are mostly played around the twelfth fret giving a punchy punk like sound. He also writes songs for the band alongside singer Chadders.


Kyle's main influences are modern punk bands such as My Chemical Romance and Greenday. Although playing in a punk band Kyle is a big fan of heavy metal bands such as Atreyu and Avenged Sevenfold. He also is a big Muse fan and he describes them as a whole genre in themselves.



  • Line 6 spider III amplifier


  • Boss OS-2 pedal
  • Boss ME-70 multipule effects pedal


  • Vintage Les Paul
  • Ibanez GIO Tremolo
  • Fender Stratocaster (Black)
  • Westone Acoustic Guitar


  • Ernie Ball Slinky

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