Motorhead are a british rock band formed in 1976 and are still writing and performing new material today. Their lead singer Lemmy Kilmister joined Motorhead (then known as Bastard) after being fired from Hawkwind. Motorhead's most popular song of their career has been the 1980 song "Ace of Spades".

Creation of the name MotorheadEdit

Motorhead was initially to be called Bastard but the name was rejected since it wouldn't guarantee the band a time slot on Top of The Pops. Hearing this from the band manager, Lemmy renamed the band to Motorhead (the title of the last song he wrote with Hawkwind).

Current MembersEdit

Bassist and Lead Vocalist - Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister

Lead Guitarist - Phil Campbell

Drummer: Micael "Mikkey Dee" Delaoglou

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