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Panda members:(In order from left to right) Ricardo Trevino, Jose Madero, Jorge Vasquez, Arturo Arredondo

Panda (sometimes stylized as 'PXNDX') is a Mexican Rock Band from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Their styles of rock include Alternative Rock, Mexican Rock, Screamo, Punk Rock, Soft Rock, and at times Emo Rock. They have released 7 albums: (In order) Demo 1997, Arroz Con Leche, La Revancha Del Principe Charro, Para Ti Con Desprescio, Amantes Sunt Amentes, Sinfonia Soledad (Live Album), Poetics, and Panda: Unplugged (MTV Unplugged). They have gained success in Mexico, most of Latin America, and have a growing fanbase in the United States of America.


Formation (1996-1999)Edit

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