Saturate - Compromise Studio Music Video04:17

Saturate - Compromise Studio Music Video


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Mexas,J.Miller,Fernando,Hector P

Saturate is a 4 piece Hard Rock band that was formed in 2005 in Baytown,Texas

Current Members (2014)                                                     Past Members

Vocals-Jimmy Miller(2005-present)                                       

Guitars-Mike Mexas (2005-present)                                 Drums-Doyle Hingle (2005-2011)PAST

Bass-Hector Porras  (2005-present)                                       Keyboards-Joseph Puente (2008-2010)PAST

Lance Arny(2013-2013)PAST

Drums-Fernando Cruz (2011-present)

Official Websites


Soul Element (2006/2008) BCD Music Group

01 Sight = Sound

02 The Reassurance

03  Epilogue (pt II)

04  Four Walls

05  Shedding Skin

06  Sidestage

07  Reflections

08  As I Lay In Silence

09  Losing Blood

10  From Sunrise To Sunset 

11  Soul Element

The Point Of No Return (2010) Sidestage Records

1 Self Control
2 There Is No Grey
3 Against My Will
4 Keep Digging
5 Regression In Unison 
6 Transference
7 This Room
8 Hollow Eyes
9 Revolution
10 The Great Divide
11 Concrete Island
12 Find The Definition

Damage The Memory  (2013) Sidestage Records

1. Spectrum
2. Compromise
3. The Waters Rise
4. Damage the Memory
5. In Our Own Way

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