The Scorpions were first launched in 1965 by Rudolf Schenker. Rudolf's younger brother Michael, and vocalist Klaus Meine joined the band. They released their debut album Lonesome Crow in 1972. They went touring, and Michael Schenker agreed to become lead guitarist for UFO, abandoning the band in the middle of the tour. Uli Roth was guitarist for Scorpions for the end of the tour.

Uli Roth's band, Dawn Road, joined Scorpions.

In 1974, the new Scorpions released the album Fly to the Rainbow. In 1975, the Scorpions released The Trance, which established more of a heavy metal image.

In 1976, Virgin Killer was released. 

Rudy Lenners, a member of the band, resigned for personal reasons and was replaced. Soon after, in 1977, Taken by Force was released.

The Scorpions transitioned to Mercury Records, and released the album Lovedrive. Some considered it the high point of their career. Lovedrive contained favorites like "Lovin You Sunday Morning", "Always Somewhere", "Holiday", and "Coast to Coast". The album was a mix of hard rock and soulful ballads, similar to their other albums, which caused them to gain considerable fame.

In 1980, Animal Magnetism was released. Animal Magnetism contained much-loved classics such as "The Zoo", and "Make it Real". Shortly after the album's release, Klaus Meine started experiencing problems with his vocal chords. It was doubted that he would be able to sing again.

In 1981, Blackout was released. Blackout became the band's best-selling album so far, with favorites like "No One Like You", "Dynamite", and "Blackout". Blackout eventually went platinum.

The band gained a new status as heavy metal musicians when Love at First Sting was released in 1984. It went double platinum in the USA, propelled by the single "Rock You Like A Hurricane". 

MTV soon gave the Scorpions the nickname "Ambassadors of Rock", and the Rolling Stone claimed that they were "Heroes of Heavy Metal". 

The band went touring for a while after the release of Love at First Sting. 'World Wide Live was released in 1985.

In 1988, Savage Amusement was released. In that album, the Scorpions adopted a more mature sound, although it was somewhat of a disappointment to critics.

The band replaced their producer Dieter Dierks with Keith Olsen in 1990. In that year, Crazy World was released, this time with a less mature sound.

to be continued

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