Skillet is the self-titled debut release from the Christian rock band Skillet. Released in 1996 as an enhanced CD and audio cassette from Forefront Records and Ardent Records, it showcases powerful Christian lyrics with a grunge rock sound. Skillet was, at the time, a three-piece band composed of John Cooper on vocals, bass and piano, Trey McClurkin on drums and back-up vocals and Ken Steorts on guitar, back-up vocals and the guitar synth.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "I Can" -4:18
  2. "Gasoline" -4:01
  3. "Saturn" -5:09
  4. "My Beautiful Robe" -3:38
  5. "Promise Blender" -3:55
  6. "Paint" -3:20
  7. "Safe with You" -3:49
  8. "You Thought" -3:41
  9. "Boundaries" -4:06
  10. "Splinter" -2:41


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