Slipknot are an American heavy metal band. In october 2nd 1996,Slipknot released Their first Demo,MFKR,The band also Played at A Tour Including carve,Do nothing/Bitchslap,coleslaw,Tattered and Torn,killers Are quiet,Slipknot and Windows,the line-up was corey taylor,James root,Brandon darner,greg Welts,Sid wilson,Joey Jordison,Shawn crahan,mick Thomson and Paul gray,after Recording,craig "133" Jones came To release The self-titled Album,The tracklist was



Do nothing/Bitchslap


Tattered and Torn


Some feel

Killers Are quiet

Also,there Is a Hidden song called "May 17th"

In August 2001,Band released The album "IOWA",singles "The Heretic Anthem" and "Left Behind" Are in the Album,the Other tracks "People=Shit","Gently",I Am Hated","(515)" and "Disasterpiece" also In the CD,while Recording vocals for The final Song "Iowa",Corey naked his Throat on A Broken glass and puked All over himself,Corey screamed A Subliminal message In this Song,ıt Is "dont Look At me",Prior to Completing the Album,Sid's grandfather Was ill,His grandfather Died,Then screamed "DEATH!" to Create the song (515)


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