Stupid Bill is a band that makes silly songs but they are silly rock songs for people of all ages.Stupid Bill started production in december 29,1999 and ended in 2005.Stupid Bill made 14 albums in all and each album mostly had 14 songs on it.Stupid Bill's songs usually have long instrumental courses at the beginning of each song and usually takes a minute or two before the singing starts but on every album is one completely instrumental song but they don't really last but 4 to 5 minutes.some of stupid Bill songs can be 10 or 9,or more minutes long but thats only a few songs.another thing is sound effects stupid Bill loved to use sound effects in their songs mostly at the beginning.such as up in the sky,you hear doors creaking,cars going by and a kid makes a weird noise and you hear on the left speaker a man that yells shut up at the kid.sometimes the sound effects were of the band talking and other things.mostly to make sound effects the band had duo tapes that mixed the sounds in and timed them when to play this was mostly how the effects were done.Stupid Bill liked to also mix things up other than using sound effects by trying new instruments they never played such as,suitar,digerydoo as heard in mashed potatoes,and african drums,and much more.But most of all cole henderson the lead singer loved to play rock guitar and played it in almost every song,and played it like a maniac.cole also liked to make different voices when he sang one of his favorites was his deep scratchy voice he used most often like in gorilla looking monkey,and floating toy boats.cole in his youth he had owned 5 different rock guitars and loved rock music and used to play them everyday.Everytime he finished a difficult album he would celebrate by ordering a new rock guitar.Stupid Bill didn't use a regular guitar unless he wanted to make a soft song or a new song different from the rest.After their 13th album they decided to make one more album and end the band which they did.You can still find their albums sold in stores though.

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