Meet stupid Bill was stupid Bill's first album which on the front featured the band members sitting in a chair on some grass.The album began with a song that lasted 6 minutes and 47 seconds.And the instrumental sequence didn't stop until about 1 minute.Most of the songs were more rock like songs to give listeners a taste of what their like and to make a big debut for their many albums to come.

list of songs

all around you 6:47

give me back my chocolate 6:09

over the horizion 5:46

night 5:32

instant shock(instrumental)4:34

climbing stairs 6:19

The ladybug shuffle 6:04

boring blues 5:54

band aids 6:03

I made a game 3:58

paint a picture 6:23

I hope 6:16

bath time 5:57

calm and dull 6:52

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