Sunshine road is Stupid Bills second album featuring 14 new songs.The band when making this album found it to be pretty easy and finished in half of the predicted production time.There wasn't much instruments needed ethier the only things that were ordered was three more rock guitars,and another bass guitar just for backup reasons or in case of need in the future.

list of songs

sunshine road 5:43

face to face 5:58

walking in the park 6:36

what would you do 6:13

running on water(instrumental)5:11

the wind 6:21

sharp objects 5:34

her love has gone blank 6:10

Little Jimmy 6:38

I can't think of a song 6:23

my shiny vase 6:14

something inside of me 5:21

you got to be in style 5:56

I lost my key 6:17

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