The Paramour Sessions is the fourth major-label album by Californian rock group Papa Roach. It was released on September 12, 2006. While pre-recording, the band rented the Paramour Mansion which the album name reflects. Four singles have been released from the album, "...To Be Loved", "Forever", "Time Is Running Out", and most recently "Reckless".

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Papa Roach
Additional Musicians
  • Produced by: Howard Benson
  • Co-Produced by: Papa Roach
  • Mixed by: Chris Lord-Alge
  • Recorded by: Mike Plotnikoff
  • Additional Recording by: Michael Rosen
  • Protools Editing by: Paul Decarli
  • Assistant Engineer: Hatsukazu Inagaki
  • String Arrangements on "Roses On My Grave" by: Debbie Lurie
  • Recorded at The Paramour Mansion, Silver Lake, Bay 7 Studios, Valley Village, & Sparky Dark Studio, Calabasas, CA
  • Strings Recorded by: Casey Stone at Entourage Studios, North Hollywood, CA
  • Mixed at Resonate Music, Burbank, CA
  • Assistant Mix Engineers: Keith Armstrong & Dim-E
  • Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NY
  • Band Assistant / Life Coordinator / Master Chef at the Paramour: Andres Torres
  • A&R: Thom Panunzio
  • A&R Coordinator: Evan Peters
  • Mnagement by: Mike Renault & Dennis Sanders for Focus Three Entertainment
  • Booking by Michael Arfin for AGI
  • European Booking: John Jackson for K2ours
  • Business Management: Jonathan Schwartz for GSO
  • Legal Representation: Eric Greenspan for Myman, Abell, Fineman, Greenspan & Light LLP
  • Marketing for Geffen: Paul Orescan
  • Art Direction & Design by Greg Patterson
  • Additional Art Direction: Dave Buckner & Jerry Horton
  • Coat of Arms Illustrated by Jeff Toll
  • Band Photography by Devin Dehaven
  • Additional Photography by: KirstiAnna Urpa, Jerry Horton, Greg Patterson, Dave Buckner


The album debuted at #16 on the Billboard 200 Chart with 37,000 copies sold. An estimated 389,000 copies have been sold in America as of January 3, 2008.


  • The song "...To Be Loved" is the theme to WWE Monday Night RAW
  • "...To Be Loved" is also on the soundtrack to 2008 film "Never Back Down"
  • The song "Roses On My Grave" was dedicated to the memory of Rachel Davis, who died on October 29, 2005 in a tragic car accident. The lyrics "the ground never seemed so far away" are taken from her MySpace page. At live shows the song is dedicated to Jacoby's step-grandfather, Howard William Roatch, from whom the name Papa Roach originated. He committed suicide.
  • "Time is Running Out" is part of July 1st' Rock Band DLC weekly content for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
  • "Alive (N' Out Control)" is the main theme of the TV program Scarred, hosted by Jacoby Shaddix.

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