Thunderface playing capital cash live.

Thunderface is a fictional Canadian band from the fictional town of Dog river, Saskatchewan. The band was formed in 1986 and broke up until 2005, but they got back together to play a concert at the Dog River Motel, with an additional member from their original lineup. The band has never once composed a song itself, and can only play "Capital Cash" by Fast Exit.

Notable NicknamesEdit

Several names the band has been given include:

  • Rumblepuss
  • Wonderface
  • Thunderbird
  • Thunderbread
  • Thunderchunks


1986: Guitar; Brent Leroy, Bass; Wanda Dollard, Vocals; Hank Yarbo.

2005: Guitar; Brent Leroy, Bass; Wanda Dollard, Vocals; Hank Yarbo, Drums; Karen Pelly.

Live PerfromancesEdit

  • Dog River Motel in 2005 where they played capital cash but were stopped by local police chief Sgt. Davis Quinton, allegedly because of a noise complaint, but really because he was jealous that he was not chosen as the drummer.

Local OpinionsEdit

  • Oscar Leroy: "Stop it with this 80's glam rock. Play some BTO!!"
  • Paul Kinistino: "I love these guys. They're hysterical!"
  • Lacey Burrows: "It sounds like some kind of small animal caught in some kind of machinery."

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