Weathered is the third and final album by the American rock band Creed. It was realesed on November 20, 2001. It is the first and only Creed album to feature Brett Hestla. It is also the only Creed album not to feature Brian Marshall. Weathered was number 1 for 8 weeks, one of the longest stays in recent history. The cover of the album features the band members faces appearing on a tree and there is a hand next to the tree holding a tool. The album artwork was rated a tie with Creed's previous album, Human Clay, for worst album design by Drop the Anvil, a review site. This album has more singles than any other Creed album.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Bullets"
  2. "Freedom Fighter"
  3. "Who's Got My Back?"
  4. "Signs"
  5. "One Last Breath"
  6. "My Sacrifice"
  7. "Stand Here With Me"
  8. "Weathered"
  9. "Hide"
  10. "Don't Stop Dancing"
  11. "Lullaby"


  • This album contains Creed's shortest song, "Freedom Fighter", and Creed's longest song, "Who's Got My Back?".

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